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Monday, November 20, 2006

No Subject...

Ok..Ok.. I have to admit that i've not been able to update this site as much as I could have... Hen mang ma!!(very busy in mandarin)... I'm going back to Beijing and yet for the second time i've not been able to enrol for a Mandarin course!(i.e. trying to prove how busy I am..kekeke).. Anyway, DRM 11th Month;y medal today was fun despite the fact that I was kinda ill.. Didnt carry my camera with me(shud have) tapi nasib jua pasal ujan.. photography jua makin merosot rasanya..batah dah nda mengambar..hopefully I'm all well for the 26th November outing..mun nda..1st December outing.. ok lah dulu..gambar2 beijing ada ku upload nie sini..

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Duty duty duty

Yes, yes, yes..its my duty week lagi except that this time I was NOT prepared at all..(well, supposedly next week pulang duty week ku). Anyways, didn't go to work on Monday(masih cuti Raya) and came in to work on Tuesday mcm biasa..tau tau..kana bagitau..its my duty week... Baik jua my colleague ani semuanya pemurah hati.. so, dapat lah balik that day and bepanyap baju... Last night, I checked in d Swiss hotel( first time..kan merasa) review..not bad lah..ada broadband network..itu yg penting..kana bagi view meliat kadai(i.e. yatah gambar d atas atu)..Since nda ada kan d buat..hopefully the weather permits untuk night photography lagi.. masuk hari ke 10 menyambut hari raya..still ada open house invitation..this week i receive 6..2 fortunately have to be turned down..bukan intentionally..duty punya pasal..uwaaaa...only allowed to jalan2 kawasan d KB - Lumut dan yg sewaktu dgnnya.. :) Oklah..Selamat Hari Raya semua..MZB